First-class TV channels, directly to your hotel rooms

Offer your guests the best of television from your hotel rooms.

Providing a variety of channels usually unavailable in your region, we can deliver the most in demand TV channels
to your hotel rooms so your guests are never missing out. With customers in Asia, Middle-east, Africa, South America,
North America and Europe we provide flexible solutions to television broadcasting.

We partner with multiple editors across different countries.

Our technical headend partner is POST Luxembourg.

How does it work?

Solution 1 - HDMI Ingest:
An easy and cost effective solution available if you already have your own TV network operating within your hotel.
You will be sent a receiver (a device similar to a set-top-box (STB)) which relays the desired channels via IP (internet).
The HDMI output is then used to include the channel within your TV network
and broadcast prime television directly into your guest’s rooms.

Solution 2 - Full service:
If you do not have an existing TV solution in your hotel rooms or you wish to upgrade to the next generation,
we offer a full end-to-end solution. Together with our local partner in your territory we will use your existing network (ethernet)
or Wifi to connect our Boxes. Each television will be connected to our service through individual boxes provided.
The boxes are pre-configured so you simply plug it into the power and the Ethernet/Wifi
to begin a powerful television viewing experience.

Start your journey towards the best TV experiences!
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