Are you looking to improve your signal reception costs, or even outsource your whole TV service signal reception?

Thanks to our partner POST Luxembourg, an IPTV Headend located in the centre of Europe,
we capture a large selection of television channels via satellite and IP pickup from all across the globe.
These signals are subsequently encoded and encrypted at the headend, ready to be delivered to your project.

The signals are available as raw Mpeg2 / Mpeg4 or in adaptive streaming formats for OTT projects.

We currently source over 450 television channels worldwide.

Together with our partner Teralink we are able to deliver these signals to the highest industry standards
at extremely competitive prices, under a format best suited to your needs.

Our solution is so robust that we can operate the delivery to almost every end customer worldwide.

Do you want to know more about our solution?
We would love to answer any questions you may have,
contact us today for more information.